Best Full Spectrum CBD Oil in Colorado

According to rising demand and promise to our customers, we bring the best products. Our Customer is our first priority. We expect our customers a long and positive life. Full Spectrum CBD Oil (Cannabinoid Oil) is the most beneficial product medically said. Our Full Spectrum CBD Oil is gaining popularity both in the USA and around the world every day.

Much of the CBD Oil derived from hemp plants. Basically both the Hemp and the Marijuana plants look similar and leaf structures are also similar. But the main difference is the amount of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) it produces. THC is the most regulated chemical. The hemp plant produces a very little amount of THC only 0.3%, which is the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved. Oil is just a carrier of CBD. This contains over a hundred different cannabinoids besides CBD and including flavinoids, THC, plant terpenes, vitamins, and everything in the hemp plant with its own potential benefits.

CBD Oil comes in four different types normally and Full Spectrum CBD Oil we produce is the best one of them. These are:
Full Spectrum

Raw is not been filtered or extracted through the process. It contains all the substances as the plant does. Such as microscopically small plant, terpenes, lipid, chlorophyll among all the other things. The color of this oil is usually green or black with its thick consistency.

Decarboxylated means through decarboxylation process carboxyl group removed and carbon dioxide is released. Basically, decarboxylation turns CBDa into CBD.

Filtered is get crystallized during the filtration process. Through the good filter process, small plant substances also contain such as chlorophyll, fat and other plant parts. Anxiety patients are also purchasing this product according to their doctors’ prescriptions.

Our Full Spectrum CBD Oil product is the federally legal standard, which contains 0.3% THC. This amount of THC is a very low amount. Normally it remains undetected while it processed through the human Endocannabinoid System also has a very positive effect as doctors said. THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is one substance of over a hundred substances, which is the most dominant substance in the Cannabis plant. So it goes through a very critical process to extract THC completely.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil drops differ from brand to brand. Even sometimes color can differ from brand to brand. Most of them will not divulge. Our Full Spectrum CBD Oil gets the real natural color due to the extraction process.

Scientists believe since other forms are loosing out many good minerals in the refinement process and also contain terpenes. Taking Full Spectrum is the best way to take CBD Oil for every human body. We grow plants very Organically and ensure our customers free from pesticides, herbicides, solvent, and chemical fertilizers. Our product is lab tested for purity and CBD content. This oil we produce contains all good minerals of plants have naturally. Using the Full Spectrum CBD Oil we produce will allow our customers to experience a whole range of cannabis benefits without the psychoactive high. Our Full Spectrum CBD Oil is very popular and gaining its popularity each day because of making the best quality and also our customers say so.

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Order Best Weed Online in Colorado

From the ancient period to the modern time weed known as having positive effects include both illicit and legitimate uses. Mostly used by the physician until 1937 because of its therapeutic properties. Weed is also known as marijuana. It can take from many plants but all plants are originated from female plants. This product prepares from the leaves and flowers of the weed plant.

According to use, there are two types of weed Medical and Recreational. Medical weed comes with various levels of hardness and softness. Those are for doctors prescribed for the patient. Recreational weed we produce in various places like California, Colorado in the USA and some other states inside Canada for various flavors of our client’s test. Over 400 hundred compounds are found normally in the weed plant and 60 compounds are unique in the weed plant. Among these substances, delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) extracted or leveled up according to use and flavor.

Some recreational flavors are:
Hash or Hashish – concentrated resin from the flower.

Hach oil – potent oil and resin extracted from the plant by a solvent.
Keif – resin glands in powder form, from the plant. Unprocessed – dried flowers and leaves. And more.

Basically, weed is raised down in two different species from ancient time,
Cannabis Sativa – Sativa can make you energized.

Cannabis Indica – Indica can make you sleepy

With the help of technology now we produce Hybrid Cannabis. Hybrid weeds are everything in the middle of these two different species. You can both two taste, flavor and effect in our hybrid product. Hybrid weed we produce also has some recreational functionality no matter whether you smoke, use as edible, pill or drink also can give good quality medicinal effect.

To collect product material first, we trim down big leaves (called fan) and flowers from plants and separate them. But keep those small leaves with flowers called sugar leaves which are basically for more edibility of concentrate production wax, Hash, etc. Then the plant is separate from the top 9 inches and then 12 inches for different taste and flavor selection. Then the process starts through.

Inside our hydroponic research growth chamber, plant roots are highly oxygenated and high airflow bubble phonic to make it much healthier. Inside the automated growth chamber, we do also have automated light frequency control to make our plant happier in the focus of our client satisfaction. We research our plant for better production and better satisfaction of our customer. Weed does have medical good properties. Our research team is also focusing on those ancient medical glories of weed for better use to help medical patients.

Our company goal is, growing weed to help people to have their natural recreation and patients to relief from theirs suffers through doctor’s prescription. The medical and recreational weed price is getting high rapidly in Canada and USA market. Only we are supplying the best quality at the best market price. Our weed is integrated, legal and the best quality for our customer’s benefit and stress-free lifestyle. Having a great team with best farmers, researchers, manufacturers, and budtenders, with nice end to end delivery system. The most trusted weed brand around the globe is ours. We are proud of our supply chain, service care and 100 percent satisfaction to our clients. Buy weed online through our website and feel free to chat with our very frankly dear budtenders.

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Buy Best CBD Oil in Colorado

In recent years we are hearing about CBD everywhere. Among over 113 types of cannabidiol plants, CBD (Cannabidiol) was discovered in 1940 which is medically called phytocannabinoid. Only THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is the cause of psychoactivity and we are able to remove this particular substance from our end product completely. That is the reason our CBD oil is a medically approved product.

In 1992 Dr. Rafael Mechoulam (Hebrew University, Israel) discovered Endo-Cannabinoid System. According to his research, this is the most widespread and dominant receptor network cell system in our physiology. Through this network we naturally receive CBD. He also said in human physiology we naturally produce two types of CBD,

1. Anandamide while we meditating
2. 2AG which is release through mothers’ milk while breastfeeding.We have CBD receptors inside our whole body as,

· Central Nervous System, Cardiovascular System
· Immune System (Intestines, Spleen, Bladder)
· Lymph System and also inside our Bone Marrow.
Inside Bone Marrow, we actually manufacture CBD receptor cells naturally.
This oil is having a potential role in easing symptoms of various common health issues including
· Heart disease
· Depression
· Anxiety
· Acne

Antipsychotic effects are also included among these. Such as it can help people with schizophrenia and other mental disorder by reducing psychotic symptoms. Neuroprotective Properties firstly stop pain signals from the brain and relief pain receptors. Some studies suggested it as pain relief, relief from Opioid withdrawal, Arthritis, Diabetes, Inflammation.

CBD has some abilities to prevent the spread of breast, prostate, brain, colon, lung cancer and tumor. CBD can help people with cancer-related pain who did not relief before actually by any medication. Chemotherapy related side effects induced nausea and vomiting also can be helpful effects using CBD. Some studies have shown CBD has anti-cancer properties.

This medicine needs much more research for more medical field use. It generally approved as safe medicine. It may cause some temporary side effects. Such as Diarrhea, Fatigue, changes in Appetite and Weight, etc. It can be used in many ways as oil, food supplement, beverage, Gummies, etc. This medicine is having different levels of strength according to different types of patients. So, doctors, discussion and prescription are recommended to ensure safety to avoid harmful interactions before start CBD oil using.

FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved this drug. 48 states of the U.S.A. already accepted it as a legal medicine. Many researchers and doctors have also approved of our product as a very effective medicine for their patients.

We encourage you to have our CBD oil as safe and helpful medicine. From over 100 substances we extract CBD from the plant. It is completely organic. We have the best quality and controlled botanic plant mechanism from seed to end product. Our product is much more helpful for the heart and circulatory system. Lowering blood pressure. Reducing risk of stroke, heart attack and metabolic syndrome. Our CBD oil product effective, safe and powerful natural treatment for human health. We use the most cleaner extraction technique to produce only for best human physiology uses as far as possible.

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Best Cannabis Oil For Skin in Colorado


Skin is the most amazing part of our body.It is the expression of sound health.Everybody want a perfect skin. ‘PERFECT SKIN’.What is it? Generally skin without acne,spots,blemishes,pigmentation and also smoother is called perfect.But it varies from person to person.Our daily regular rough working is bad for our skin.As a result most of the people having problems in their skin.Many people are trying so many things to have a healthy skin.But result is not satisfactory.In this situation Cannabis oil is the most useful natural remedy . Now cannabis oil is being marketed in skin care products which removes almost everything.


Cannabis oil is actually a mixture of pure CBD and oil like olive ,coconut or coconut.CBD is the short form of Cannabidiol which is found in hemp..It is collected from the dry leaves and flowers of cannabis genus.Hemp is actually very good for skin because it contains only .3% of psychoactive compound TCH(Tetra Hydro Cannabidiol).TCH is the compound that will make you HIGH.So,cannabis oil will not make you HIGH because it does not have that mind altering compound TCH.

Another thing is that it is not the same thing as hemp seed oil.Both things are marketed interchangeably ,Cannabis oil contain rich amount of cannabidiol and Hemp seed oil contain only the traces of cannabidiol.

To ensure the pure skin care cannabis oil,one should search in the ingredients list.


FOR ACNE: Acne is the most irritable skin condition of human.Most people have it at the same point of life,occasionally or on a daily basis.In some cases,cannabis oil may help to reduce acne based on what kind of acne a person has and what is causing it.Cannabis oil may help reduce various types oil acne.Because of its ability to adjust how the body creates sebum.Sebum is a waxy ,oily product that the skin creates.It protects the skin from the outside world.But it can mix with dead cells,dirt ,pollutants and become trapped inside a pore .That is what we call acne.There are also thousand reasons that produce acne beside this.So,cannabis oil prevent skin cells to produce excess amount of sebum.It has also antifungal and antibacterial properties.


Cannabis oil may help a person to manage other skin problems also due to its anti-inflammatory properties. It also has antioxidant effect in the body,it helps to heal other skin problems.


The anti-inflammatory properties of cannabis oil may help some people to potential source of eczema and psoriasis.Cannabis oil also help to balance the immune system,this may help to reduce this skin conditions.


Cannabis oil has some benefits that may soothe sensitive skin and heals the appearances of general irritation. It is a lovely solution for sensitive skin.


Cannabis oil has antioxidant effects that promotes overall skin condition which reduces age lines. And wrinkles.


Initially ,it should be used with other carrier oil such as-
*Argan oil
*Olive oil
*coconut oil
*Shea butter, to reduce acne and other skin problems.
Taking oral cannabis oil may help with acne problems in some cases.
There are lots of skin care products containing cannabis oil which may help in solving some sort of skin problems as well.


Before using cannabis oil one should consult with respective doctor.
There are lots of online shops selling cannabis oil for skin care.Among them,Josh420shop is the best.Because ,
*They provide the best cannabis oil for skin care
*They provide home delivery also
*Their delivery service is good as well
*They have good ratings also.
So,Josh420shop is the best suggestion for purchasing cannabis oil from online.


Healthy skin is a sign of good health.Cannabis oil is the best natural remedy for all kinds of skin problems.Now it is also legal in many countries .so,it is not a problem,it is the solution.

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Best CBD Oil For Anxiety in Colorado


CBD oil is a concentration of essence from some types of Cannabis plants.It is not actually oil,but it is called oil for its sticky nature.It has been used for 3000 years.Its been used from since ancient times.It has a great medicinal value.It is used as a medicine appears in light brown or golden brown color.It does not contain THC(Tetrahydrocannabinol)which will make you ‘’HIGH’’ . Now it is a very popular essence for reducing anxiety,insomnia,chronic pain etc.CBD oil made from Hemp is considered safer than others because it contains .3% TCH.


Our body itself has its own cannabinoisystemds compound making system which is called endocannabinoids system.It has two receptors(receivers) also.They regulate the whole system from body to brain.It is related to make us relaxed,reduce our pain and inflammation.And the CBD oil helps that system to attach more cannabinoids to reduce our pain,inflammation,anxiety.That will make you feel better.CBD oil interacts with the system and helps it to work.On the other hand,overdosing with CBD oil is quite impossible and its side effects are non-existent.


Anxiety is a common distressing symptoms of human health.It will make you feel nervous, irritable and stressed.Its symptoms can increase your heart rate,sweating,blood pressure and make you feel tired or weak.It is the most common symptoms of mental illness.There are many pharmaceuticals which suggesting so many medicines for anxiety.There are 40 million adults suffer from anxiety in United States.So,in this case CBD oil is the only natural solution.It is one of the most hyped natural solution nowadays.It is a potential treatment for anxiety disorders.According to many reports,after consuming CBD oils people feels better and it creates a calmness in their mind.CBD oils are easy to absorb.Some people use it to sleep better.


CBD oils made from Hemp are allowed to use for medicinal purposes.The FDA has given the authority to regulate this kind of products.


If anybody wants to take CBD oils for healing anxiety ,then at first he/she should know his/her CBD oil concentration type.In this case,one should consult with doctor.Without doctors prescription,consuming CBD might be harmful and make you ‘‘HIGH’’.


In this era of internet,the whole world has become a global village.It is a small world actually.So,anyone can get his/her CBD oil at home.In this case ,the most trusty page is:
Josh420shop Because,

It contains a huge eye-soothing collection. It has a quite fast delivery system
It has quite bearable shipping charge. Product price ranges are tolerable. It is the most easiest and coolest shop ever.. Its product quality is pretty good.


One of the best online shops ever is Josh420shop. It is the only suggestion because it is the best.


CBD oils are the most latest natural remedy for now and also for future sure.They are oils for life free from anxiety.


Consult with a doctor before using this

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Buy Cannabis Oil in Colorado


Cannabis oil is a concentrated extract obtained by extraction of dried cannabis plants. It’s not actually oil but derives its name from its sticky and oily appearances. It has been used for medicinal purpose for 3,000 years. It was described in the ancient Egyptian Embers papyrus around 1550BC, and it was likely used as a medicine in China before that. Pharmacies around the world are using medicinal cannabis such as cannabis oils which is produced from standardized cannabis plant. Cannabis oil is mainly produced from some types of Cannabis sativa plant, which is mainly known as hemp. Hemp contains THC in less percentage, which is free from psychoactive effects.UK Government has now announced a review regarding the use of medicinal cannabis.


Cannabis oil is extracted from dried leaves or flowers of cannabis plants. It is a phyto-cannabinoids found in cannabis plants,called CBD in does not cause the same psychoactive as other naturally occurring cannabinoids(such as Tetra-Hydro-Cannabinol or THC).The purpose of producing cannabis oil is to make cannabinoids and other beneficial components, such as terpenes, available in a highly concentrated form.Both THC and CBD are produced from cannabis genus but their way of working is different. Cannabis oil(CBD) is produced from hemp which contains THC in less amount(.3%).It will make you feel better.It appears in golden brown or light brown in color.


Our body itself has endocannabinoid system ,its a regulatory system which has cannabinoid can produce its own endocannabinoids,which is related to inflammation and pain.
· Scientists think that cannabis oil can attach to this system and help it to make its own endocannabinoids which will help you to feel better from pain,stress.
· It will not make you high or change the state of your mind.But it will help your endocannabinoid system to make its own endocannabinoid to release your pain.


Now,cannabis oil is the most hyped thing in the world.It has a great medicinal value.It is the suggestion of msny health problem.It can release you from:
1.Chronic pain
4.Seizures and epilepsy
11.Inflammatory bowel disease.
12.Lower blood pressure
13.Anti-tumor effects.
14.Diabetes prevention
15.Smoking cessation and drug withdrawal
16.Autoimmune disease etc.


Its the best shop ever! you can shop from home. They will give you the best premium quality cannabis oil.


From now,cannabis is not a problem.Its the solution to every pain.Do not remain in pain anymore,have it and lead a healthy life.Cnnabis oil has been used for its potential role in reducing pain,acne,inflammation and other health issues.It has been suspected for reducing cancer effects.It can be proved as a natural alternative for reducing pain and other symptoms.It is promising because of its lack of intoxicating effects.


Use it after consultation with a physician or medical advice provider. Patients must receive a prescription for using cannabis oils carrying medicinal value. CBD oil is not recommended for using during pregnancy and breast feeding. Experts do not recommend use of CBD oil in children because it can affect children’s developing brain.

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NHS supplier urges public not to buy out medical masks

The public has been urged not to buy medical face masks so that stocks can be preserved for the NHS, following scientists’ advice to the government saying cloth coverings could be worn to stem the spread of coronavirus. The advice from Arco, one of the UK’s leading distributors of personal protective equipment (PPE), which supplies the NHS and other frontline services, came amid fears of stockpiling by anxious members of the public. Arco said that medical masks should be kept for key workers in clinical settings. Sage, the UK’s scientific advisory group on emergencies, met on Tuesday to discuss the benefits of face masks for the public, after health authorities in countries, including the US, recommended the use of homemade versions, including scarves. Sage’s advice has now been sent to the health secretary for consideration, with a decision likely to be announced next week. The advisory group has been split over how effective coverings can be in blocking transmission of thevirus, due to a lack of peer-reviewed research. Speaking on Thursday, the government’schief scientific adviser, Sir Patrick Vallance, who chairs Sage, described the evidence of the benefits of face masks as “quite variable and quite weak”. Arco said the demand for masks was unprecedented and that it was providing advice to customers to ensure that it only issued the higher grade of PPE where necessary. The company’s marketing director, Adam Young, said it was sourcing limited supplies of medical masks. “The Type IIR and the FFP2s are most suitable for clinical use and as supply is limited we would recommend that the public does not use these, in order to protect stocks for those in clinical situations. “We are managing our supply chain to ensure that protective equipment reaches those that need it most, and is not diverted from health care and frontline responders. As such, we are unable to supply products direct to members of the public.” Disposable face masks that claim to meet World Health Organization specifications for protection against coronavirus can be bought with ease online, from businesses including UK Meds. The online pharmacy tells customers that FFP2 face masks are available “while stocks last” and cost £9.45 each. One source with knowledge of the Sage recommendations summarised the advice as: “Keep medical masks for the NHS and other key workers, but there may be some small marginal benefit for some people under some small set of circumstances to wear a cloth mask.” They said the advice was cautious because of the importance of preserving medical masks for NHS and care workers. It is understood that the advice does not go into detail about the circumstances in which coverings may be useful, but that this could include travel on public transport, in small enclosed shops, and in other places where physical distancing is difficult. As uncertainty over the UK’s policy continued, businesses specialising in face masks designed to protect users against air pollution and pollen, traffic exhaust fumes when cycling and dust produced through DIY projects have reported a sharp rise in sales. Christopher Dobbing founded the Cambridge Mask Company when he lived in China, after seeing children fall ill through air pollution. The masks, which include an air filter, sell for about £25 and can be worn for 200 to 300 hours, or three to six months. They are designed for personal use and are not suitable for use in clinical settings. Dobbing said: “We’re completely sold out until August now. Our sales are about 12 times higher than normal and that’s with a 10-week wait to get a mask. We would expect it to be 20 to 30 times higher if we actually had the stock.” The company has seen three big spikes in sales since the start of the year. The first was from China and Hong Kong when the disease began to spread late January. The second was from Europe when it hit Spain and Italy in March, and the third was when the Centres for Disease Control changed its guidance in the US earlier this month. Germany’s announcement on Wednesday that people should wear masks on public transport prompted another surge. After consideration by the health secretary, Matt Hancock, the advice from Sage will be discussed by the Covid-19 committee – which besides Hancock includes the first secretary of state, Dominic Raab, the chancellor, Rishi Sunak, and the chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, Michael Gove. It may subsequently be considered by a wider Cobra meeting as well. A Downing Street spokesman said: “They have finalised their advice. Ministers will now be reviewing this to decide on any further action that might be needed.”

Trying To Buy A Coronavirus Mask? Beware These Fraudsters, Hoarders, And Price Gougers.

A nurse pushes a cart of masks donated to the Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center in Burbank, California, during the novel coronavirus outbreak, April 7. The journalists at BuzzFeed News are proud to bring you trustworthy and relevant reporting about the coronavirus. To help keep this news free, become a member and sign up for our newsletter, Outbreak Today. Bethenny Frankel seemed poised, earlier this month, to do the impossible: The former Real Housewives of New York star had a line on 10 million 3M N95 respirator masks for her hometown — enough to protect thousands of health care workers in what had become the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic. Leveraging her connections to celebrities and politicians, Frankel, who has long been involved in disaster relief, had been hustling for weeks to help a charity acquire masks and gowns for hospitals, public health departments, and law enforcement agencies. But none were even close in magnitude to this coup. Then everything went sideways. The supplier, a private company that claimed it had the masks stored in a warehouse near the city, suddenly refused to permit an inspection or even provide serial numbers to help authenticate the respirators. The company’s owner, once accessible, grew elusive and vague, and its lawyer stopped responding to calls and emails altogether. The much-needed masks never materialized. David Livingston / Getty Images Bethenny Frankel in Beverly Hills, California, Sept. 21, 2019. “Were they real? Weren’t they? Who knows?” said Frankel. “It’s an absolute jungle out there. Nobody knows what the hell is going on.” Until recently, the idea that America’s health care workers would be depending on a former reality television star to find them critical equipment would have been tough to swallow. But so, too, would the idea that two months into the greatest health care crisis in a century, doctors and nurses would still be unable to secure basic supplies such as surgical masks and disposable gowns and instead would be forced to fight COVID-19 without sufficient protection. Instead of an orderly, centralized process to procure much-needed personal protective equipment (PPE), hospitals, nursing homes, the federal government, states, and municipalities have all been forced to wade into a competitive, confusing, and often corrupt marketplace fueled by speculation, paranoia, and unlikely personal connections. The upshot: Essential equipment now costs 10 times or more what it used to — and all too often never arrives. “The term ‘shitshow’ is absolutely apt for what’s happening right now,” said Rob Handfield, professor of operations and supply chain management at North Carolina State University. “Nobody knows who to cut purchase orders to. Nobody knows where to even find the stuff. It’s every man, hospital, and country for itself.” The federal government has tried to open up the market by authorizing the use of industrial, foreign-certified, and even expired respirator masks; by creating a Justice Department task force to crack down on hoarding and price gouging; and by funding an airlift operation to bring in loads of supplies from abroad on UPS and FedEx jets. But at the same time, Washington has also contributed to the chaos, driving up prices by signing huge contracts for protective equipment with unproven vendors and terrifying well-intentioned importers by seizing shipments as they arrive at US ports. Last weekend, a top executive at a Massachusetts hospital chain reported being stopped by the FBI when he attempted to pick up a shipment of a million N95 masks in a warehouse early this month. Because the vast majority of personal protective equipment is made in China — where exports of such goods have been sharply limited as the country deals with its own COVID-19 crisis — traditional supply chains have been almost completely disrupted. To keep costs low, hospitals have also moved in the past decade to just-in-time delivery systems that kept internal stockpiles far too slim to handle a prolonged surge. Further constrained by cumbersome purchasing rules and the lack of a centralized national distribution system, American hospitals and government agencies have been forced to seek out their own suppliers, locking them all in what amounts to ruthless competition with each other. A review of state, local, and federal contracts as well as interviews with procurement officials, brokers, vendors, academics, international trade attorneys, and well-intentioned philanthropists reveals the depths of the day-to-day pandemonium that has overtaken this market, one that continues to show little signs of stability some three months after the first COVID-19 diagnosis in the US. As director of contracts and procurement for the Colorado Department of Human Services, Chris Frenz usually doesn’t have surgical masks and face shields at the front of his mind. The agency runs everything from the state’s food stamps program to its child welfare system to an innovative brain injury network. But CDHS also runs four veterans nursing homes, two large psychiatric hospitals, multiple group homes for people with disabilities, and 10 juvenile justice facilities — all potential nodes of viral outbreak. In late February, Frenz began a PPE review to prepare for the coronavirus. What he found wasn’t encouraging: Inventories were low, and distributors had been postponing or even canceling long-standing contracts for gowns, gloves, face shields, and masks. Like nearly all government procurement shops around the country, CDHS operated under strict rules that prevented payment until a set number of days after taking delivery. That made it virtually impossible for Frenz to cut deals directly with Chinese suppliers, which started demanding 50% deposits if not full payment up front in the face of soaring demand. “We issue a purchase order, it gets delivered, and then we pay,” said Frenz. “Otherwise it’s a huge risk.” Then, as if a tap had suddenly been opened, unsolicited offers from brokers offering to sell that PPE and willing to front the cost started coming in; what started as a drip quickly became a flood with a new email or call coming to Frenz’s department every half hour. Most seemed like obvious scams, coming from shady salespeople providing no documentation and demanding cash up front. But wary of overlooking a legitimate offer, Frenz decided to review them all, assigning between eight and ten staffers to deal with solicitations full-time. The prices were all absurdly high by prepandemic standards, but the procurement team learned to get over sticker shock and move fast; more than once they saw numbers double overnight when they hesitated; sometimes they lost deals altogether. Of the hundreds of solicitations that came in, only a few dozen seemed legitimate, and among those, fewer than five have turned into actual signed contracts. One of those was with a vendor based in Colorado. An online retailer of survival gear, he didn’t have experience in medical distribution, but pledged to deliver 50,000 N95 masks for $3.50 apiece — about triple the pre-COVID-19 price — and to throw in 1,000 donated masks to boot. The shipment was due in the first days of April. By April 10, the masks still hadn’t arrived. In fact, the broker said, it appeared the factories had dumped the contracts altogether, and now he was scrambling to secure masks elsewhere. CDHS was back to square one. “It definitely feels like a race sometimes,” said Frenz. “It doesn’t feel great when everybody needs the same thing.” If you’re someone who is seeing the impact of the coronavirus firsthand, we’d like to hear from you. Reach out to us via one of our tip line channels. Nowhere in the country — and indeed the world — has the coronavirus pandemic been more acute than New York, which as of Wednesday had logged more than 251,690 COVID-19 cases and 14,828 deaths. And few places have put as much effort into digging up masks, gowns, and other protective equipment. On April 4, an employee from New York City’s Department of Citywide Administrative Services contacted Alex Everett out of the blue to ask him whether he could get masks, gloves, and gowns. “I thought it was a scam at first,” said Everett, who works as a sales executive at Success Promotions, a promotional sports merchandise company founded by his mother and based in the western suburbs of St. Louis. “I wondered what they were really up to.” But the contact was in earnest. Less than a week earlier, a Queens-based apron maker had called Everett seeking stretchy bandanas he could sell to restaurants as makeshift mouth coverings. On that call, Everett had mentioned that some of his sportswear suppliers in China had lately been trying to sell him PPE; when the apron maker inked a $112,500 deal to sell cotton masks to the city on April 2, he brought up Everett to the contract specialist, who wasted no time in sending an email. In just five days, Everett had signed two purchase agreements for 250,000 KN95 masks and 5.2 million gowns, and he suddenly found himself immersed in a deeply competitive, fast-moving market as he tried to nail down the quantity and work out the logistics of getting it halfway around the world. But for Success Promotions, which depends heavily on selling giveaways to professional baseball teams, the $17.5 million contract was a lifesaver and has helped it stave off layoffs. “It was sheer luck, honestly,” said Everett, who said the first shipment of masks has cleared Chinese customs and is set to arrive this weekend. Between March 6 and April 19, New York City issued purchase orders for $361 million in personal protective equipment, according to a BuzzFeed News review of contracts. That includes 29.4 million N95 masks, 94 million surgical masks, and 14 million isolation gowns, according to DCAS spokesperson Nick Benson. Following an early April decision by the Food and Drug Administration to authorize emergency use of Chinese-certified respirator masks as substitutes for N95s, New York City also signed deals to purchase 23.4 million KN95 masks as well. But most of those supplies still haven’t come in. Of 214 million total pieces of PPE ordered by the city, only 17 million have been delivered to date, according to Benson. Fewer than 3% of the N95 masks have been received, and KN95 masks aren’t arriving much faster. At least two large contracts for ventilators, including one for $162 million, have been canceled ”because the vendors couldn’t secure the inventory to fulfill the orders,” Benson said in a statement. Unfilled orders are hardly limited to New York. A batch of 500,000 N95 masks ordered by the city of Philadelphia for its first responders late last month was unceremoniously canceled despite the city agreeing to pay a whopping $5.60 apiece. And a massive trove of 39 million masks allegedly unearthed by the Service Employees International Union late last month never materialized, provoking a federal fraud investigation. After the owner of a New York uniform supply company claimed on Twitter last month that he could supply 2 million surgical masks a day, the tweet promptly went viral. A few days later, Jeffrey Zhang said he heard from a purchasing agent for New York state. The official in Albany asked for 2 million masks to start, Zhang recalled, so he sent off an invoice. While he awaited a formal purchase order, Zhang busied himself verifying that the factory he used would pass Chinese and American certification standards, ultimately hiring a lawyer to help speed up the process and ensure New York would get the masks it needed. Days passed, and then weeks. Zhang said he never heard back from the state, despite reaching out repeatedly. Other brokers have reported similar issues: Although state officials are desperate for supplies, they are also disorganized and overwhelmed. And, knowing how crazy the market is, some officials are reaching out to more vendors than they could ever need. Scared he’d lose out on the chance to get any masks at all, Zhang decided to stop waiting and began selling masks directly to hospitals, nursing homes, and small businesses. “The factories were losing patience with us,” he said. He knew that in this market even signed deals can crumble without notice because manufacturers and suppliers in China have no compunctions about walking away from a contract with one customer for a more lucrative offer from another, particularly if they don’t have to wait to get paid. Some distributors on the ground in China describe buyers arriving at factories carrying bags of cash, which gets them to the front of the line. Many of those buyers have no contacts with hospitals or government agencies and instead are simply trying to unload the supplies to another broker for a quick profit, which only serves to further inflate the final price, according to Lily Liu, a San Francisco entrepreneur with a background in cryptocurrency who last month joined with several friends to found Operation Masks, a nonprofit that tracks down PPE for hospitals in the US. “When there’s a huge breakdown in the supply chain, middlemen rush in,” said Liu. “They are buying for $1 to flip for $2.” Operation Masks hopes to cut through the complex web of speculators by building direct relationships with suppliers in China. To do that, it employs nine people on the ground in China and covers those costs by charging US hospitals a 5% margin on the PPE it delivers, which Liu said makes the operation more sustainable than other charitable efforts. To date, the group has booked large government orders from New York, Hawaii, and Iowa. Profiteers aren’t the only obstacle. In recent weeks, many delays have come from the Chinese government itself, which began imposing new inspection and quality requirements on factories before permitting their PPE to be exported. And increasingly, hospitals and local governments complain that FEMA has been using its powers under the Defense Production Act to effectively “seize” their orders and allocate them elsewhere. After importing a total of 400,000 N95 masks this month, for example, a Delaware medical distributor said FEMA took the entire shipment, and only after he complained did it send a written document explaining he would be paid for the goods. Johnny Beig was pleased after he managed to negotiate a deal to sell nearly a million KN95 masks for $2.30 apiece to Kaiser Permanente hospitals in Southern California several weeks ago. The Los Angeles–based athletic goods importer agreed on a margin of under 15% on the respirators, about half his normal cut, which made him feel he was doing a good deed while also keeping his business going. Then he took a look at shipping quotes. In normal times, low-cost PPE is shipped by container, but amid a pandemic it has to be sent by air in order to get to health care workers quickly. A dramatic decline in flights in and out of China, coupled with soaring demand for space on the remaining planes had more than tripled the cost of air freight, Beig found, from $3.50 a kilogram to nearly $13. To help cover that difference, Beig ordered even more PPE and started selling it on social media and the web, only with far more generous margins. The same KN95 masks he sold to Kaiser are currently available to the general public for $3.50 each, which represents a 50% markup; Beig has completely sold out of 100-milliliter bottles of hand sanitizer at $6 a pop — about triple normal retail. “It’s a lot of pharmacies, doctors, and medical centers making orders of 300–400 pieces at a time,” said Beig. “These are customers who can’t access this stuff on their own.” Some would-be suppliers believe the federal government has played a role in pushing up air freight prices. Last week, the owner of an apparel company holding two purchase orders from New York City for a total of $4 million worth of KN95 masks saw his shipping quote from UPS jump from $100,000 to $250,000 overnight. Shocked, he reached out to UPS demanding an explanation and was told that the preferential rates were going only to a handful of large distributors participating in the Trump administration’s “air bridge” program. Other companies not only had to pay more, he learned, but would have to wait days just to get their goods onto planes. “The feds are essentially screwing the states and cities over,” said the supplier, who requested anonymity for fear of angering the Trump administration. “They want to control the supply of PPE by giving priority to companies they like.” Bill Lambros, a UPS director of major accounts, said the original price quote was “sent in error” and based on pre-coronavirus pricing. The market, he said, is “out of sync, and when were chartering flights, the rates are going to vary.” Increasingly, even established suppliers are struggling to bring in big hauls of protective equipment. On April 6, the Seattle-based Lighthouse for the Blind signed a $1.26 million contract with the Bureau of Prisons to deliver 300,000 N95 masks. The charity had long operated a number of office supply stores on military bases, and had years of experience supplying tools and other goods to the military. But the charity insisted on using traditional distributors and post-delivery payment protocols, and soon discovered that getting those masks was tougher than expected. Struggling to save the deal, the charity tried to get the Board of Prisons to renegotiate before canceling altogether just two weeks later. In addition to the collapsed deal for 10 million masks to New York City, Bethenny Frankel said, at least three other million-plus mask deals have blown up in recent weeks, including an order of 1.5 million N95 masks that ended up going to a dentist who she presumes was looking to resell them for a profit. Jon Nazca / Reuters The employee of a pharmacy shows KN95 protective face masks, during the COVID-19 outbreak, in Ronda, Spain April 16. Frustrated with deals that fall through, the charity Bethenny Frankel works with, Global Empowerment Mission, developed new PPE ground rules: It would only consider supplies that were already in the US and focus only on batches of 100,000 items or less. That might lead to higher costs, said GEM executive director Michael Capponi, but it also helps reduce heartache. “We don’t pay for anything until it gets in our hands and we inspect it,” said Capponi, a former nightclub promoter and real estate developer who has been involved in disaster relief since 2004. He first linked up with Frankel to aid Haiti earthquake victims a decade ago, and together they’ve shipped supplies to victims of natural disasters in Guatemala, Puerto Rico, and the Bahamas, but both describe the coronavirus as the biggest challenge to date. Their combined effort, which calls itself BStrong GEM, has to date delivered more than $17 million in PPE in batches of as little as 2,000 masks; donations have come from a variety of sources, including Billy Joel, Matthew McConaughey, and Amy Schumer. It maintains a spreadsheet of more than 1,000 organizations seeking PPE and twice as many suppliers looking to sell it. The charity has a 60,000-square-foot warehouse in Miami, teams of volunteers to inspect stashes of supplies at a moment’s notice, a lawyer to write contracts, and an emergency room doctor on call to check for counterfeits. “When you’re dealing with government or groups of hospitals, you have to have credibility,” said Frankel. “I’m not walking in with an MBA in mask shopping; they’re trusting you because you can deliver.” For even the best-intentioned, the turbulent PPE market can feel unsettling and, at times, borderline illicit. After the collapse of the travel industry earlier this year, entrepreneur Lana Li, who’s based in New York City, abandoned her plans for launching a swimwear line and instead turned to trusted contacts in China who manufactured PPE. Confident about her ability to navigate the supply chain, she focused full-time on importing several kinds of masks and storing them in a warehouse in Ohio. Li had no contract to fulfill and no connections to hospitals or government agencies; she just figured it would be a snap to unload the merchandise amid so much demand. Through a friend, she got in touch with a broker who said he had a contract with a state that he declined to name. He wanted to buy out her entire stock of 33,000 surgical masks and N95 respirators. But before he would finalize the deal, he demanded Li send several videos of the boxes containing the masks to prove they were real. The request made her think of kidnappers sending proof of life, but she complied. The broker flaked anyway, and without any details of the contract, Li was stuck with the masks. The experience made her wonder whether “any of the people we’re talking to are actually serious or real,” said Li. Offloading a shipment of masks, she said, “felt like we were trying to sell cocaine.”