About Us

About Us

We are the fastest weed online dispensary in Massachussets and the Us in General. Our exceptional performance has not gone unnoticed.

Very Fast Delivery

We get your weed to your door steps before you can say "WEED"

Easy Payment

Our Payment Methods make it very easy for you to buy weed online

Easy to use Site

We have a very easy to use website making it easy for you to make payments.

Our story

The culture of discretion Josh420shop.  is all about discretion. We are very discreet in our operation. Celebrities and most people don’t go to dispensaries because they must protect their reputation and their privacy. The desire for discretion is the most common trait in a Josh420shop client. From entertainment power brokers to soccer moms. Celebrity attorneys and city officials. Rocket scientists and rock stars. Josh420shop is the new standard in medical marijuana retail. When you order from Josh420shop, you are not only part of a clique, you are part of a cause.

The Quality and Quantity of our Products: Josh420shop produces the best quality medical marijuana in our own scale. Also, through Josh420shop large network of vendors, manufacturers, and cultivators (both internal and independent), the Company is able to provide its customer base with better quality products on a more consistent basis than competing services. This is because vendors know that Josh420shop has a reputation for honesty, legal compliance and most of all: buying power. And our quantity is always what you wanted.